Lonely Corallite, or simply Corallite is the core of the game where the reef grows and the Friends circle.

Use Edit

Lonely Corallite produces Vitality when tapped on.

Trivia Edit

  • Sometimes the Lonely Corallite will say, "Just because I have a mouth, doesn't mean don't I eat fish!". This is possibly a reference to an African legend: the legend says that one day God didn't let the hippopotamus go into water because He feared that it would eat the fish. Later God asked the hippopotamus to mow the grass, but it was so hot that the hippopotamus entered the water. It asked God if it could remain in water during the day, and eat grass during the night. To demonstrate that it did not eat the fish it always "yawns" to ensure its breath was not fishy. Other versions say that instead it spreads its droppings around to show that they do not contain any fish spines.